Equipping, Educating, Empowering

Blessed Daughters

“A Gathering of Women and Teen Girls for Encouragement, Fellowship, and Inner Healing.”

“Blessed be thou of the Lord, my daughter.”Ruth 3:10

Hope Soaps

“Spreading Hope and Help”

In MANY circumstances, the only time a Human Trafficking victim is allowed to be alone, is in the restroom. It is our goal and mission to spread hope to these precious ones by leaving Hope Soaps in as many restrooms as we possibly can. We invite You or your Organization help us spread hope and help!  Learn More

OnLine Bible Study

Ditch the Baggage is for anyone of any age who desires to walk in greater freedom and wholeness. For some people freedom means walking away from a terrible memory or experience like divorce or rape. For others, freedom means getting “unstuck” from nagging fears or insecurities. Whatever issues you’re facing or have faced, this series can help you ditch the baggage and redefine your life!

FresHope Ministerial Association

FresHope Ministerial Association Will Help You: ​
* Discern Your Call ​
* Define Your Character ​
* Develop Your Spiritual Gifts ​
* Delight In Who You Are​